Culture and Consulting

How We Can Help You

DPS Leadership partners with organizations to increase or sustain employee engagement, inclusion, and team effectiveness.  As such we consult on HR, Organizational Development, and change management initiatives. Common focuses include flexible work initiatives, inclusion and unconscious bias, team development, and change management. 

DPS helps employees better understand and appreciate each other, and as a result, team members work together more effectively.  

We also help organizations sequence and communicate changes.  Then we help them integrate changes into existing systems and processes to minimize disruption and increase stability.  

As the workforce evolves, technology advances, and employee needs change, organizations need to be intentional about their culture and the employee experience to attract and retain top talent.

Key Benefits

For Organizational Leaders

  • Increased or sustained employee engagement during change or initiative
  • Improved employee experience
  • Increased employee retention  
  • Increased likelihood of success of initiative
  • Greater-inclusion 

For The Organization and its Members

  • High performance
  • More innovative and creative solutions
  • Less re-work
  • Increased support
  • Greater confidence and skills
  • Improved sense of belonging

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