Listed below are various activities that can help you navigating change and what’s next

  • Spend time in reflection -journaling, walking, running, meditating
  • Consider where you now give the topic, what do you need to let go of to get you where you want to go
  • Ask yourself what is another way of looking at this
  • Pay attention when things trigger you, what’s going on in the moment and how do you want to respond in the future
  • Create a collage of images that represent you in the new situation
  • Imagine that you are packing for an important journey – what are you going to carry with you in the journey, pack in your suit case, and leave behind.
  • Do a post-mortem with your team, before you start the next project, considering in advance where you want to be at the end and how you got there
  • Be vulnerable and share your feelings as appropriate


“You’re the author of your life story. You can start a new chapter any time you choose.” – Amy Atherton

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