Are you feeling the effects of being Zoomed in – hyper focused on computer screens in virtual meetings all day long?

Prior to quarantine, most of us had more steps walking into the office than we do all day now. It’s also been said by health professionals that “sitting is the new smoking”.

To mix it up, let’s take it outside! With the weather changing, it’s a great time to grab your headset, put on some comfy shoes, and take your call on the go. (If you’re back in the office, grab your mask, put on your comfy shoes, and go outside with a colleague.)

Besides the many health benefits, walking meetings also:

  • Encourage fresh perspectives
  • Boost your energy
  • Spark creativity
  • Help you focus
  • Increase your productivity

This seems simple, but many of us have created new habits or routines for working that don’t include getting outside. It takes intentionality if we want to make a shift. In order to make it a priority:

  1. Look at your calendar for next week and identify at least 3 meetings you can take as walking meetings.
  2. Make a note in your calendar now that you plan to take them while walking.
  3. Let your colleagues know your intention to take the call while walking.
  4. Have fun, enjoy the fresh air.

I’ll meet you outside.

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